Why Do People Unsubscribe From Your List

Don’t give them a hard time reading your emails

Email marketing can be a very effective way to get your messages out to your customers. The purpose of sending emails is to increase your sales and engagement with your loyal customers. So it’s not surprising that a lot of online marketers are really trying their best to get you subscribed on their list. But a lot of these online marketers are also wasting the opportunity of having a large number of subscribers but commit the mistake of not delivering their emails properly to their recipients.

Have you encountered an email with a small font? It’s not only once or twice I have seen a newsletter with that format. If you’re like me then you don’t want to get eye strain reading those types of newsletters, there are many newsletters or e-letters I have unsubscribed from. As you can see, that is already a missed opportunity on the part of an internet marketer. You’re already there, but you couldn’t get your message in front of your potential customers. So make sure your marketing emails are readable.

This is only one of the many things most online marketers fail to realise regarding their strategies and I can’t imagine how big of an opportunity they have lost.

Other email marketing mistakes:

In order to get your potential customers’ attention, try to observe email marketing best practices. The competition for getting your emails delivered to your recipient’s inbox is very tough, but there are certain points that you should consider to make sure your marketing efforts will not backfire on you. So avoid the following email marketing mistakes:
  • Irrelevant and ineffective subject lines

Most people, who are subscribed to newsletters, receive a lot of emails in their inbox and most often, they click on the emails with a catchy subject line. But also consider using the 5 W’s (what, where, when, why, who) and how in the subject line. If you’re announcing a webinar, don’t just put in the subject line, “FREE Webinar”. Who cares, there are a lot of webinars out there, and why would they click on your email? Also, be sure that what you put in the subject line is relevant to what the content of your email is about. Avoid also long subject lines. An ideal subject lines is made up of 40 to 50 characters.

  • Using excessive punctuation and capital letters

Some other marketers think that they can grab the attention of their recipients with large fonts and by putting a lot of punctuation marks such as !!!, ***, ???. They didn’t know this can catch the attention of spam filters too.

  • Unrecognisable address 

Most people look into the from address in the emails. Make sure you identify yourself and your business in a way your customers will recognize.

  • Use of large images 

Take note that large images can be distracting in emails primarily because they don’t load 100% most of the time.

  • Cluttered email content 

Initially your emails should be easy to read, scan and skim, so use simple layouts only.

  • Too much information

Long emails are boring, so don’t spill out all the information in your email. What’s important is the call to action that you would like your recipients to do. If they were intrigued by your subject line, only to find all of the information they were after in the email, then you’ve wasted the opportunity to increase website traffic.

Make your email marketing work properly

Actually there isn’t really a secret in making your emails to work properly. Just make sure to stay on the topic and make it straight forward. Don’t make your reader feel like they are solving a puzzle. Tell your readers why they need your product, what problem it will solve, what benefits it could give and tell them where to get your product. A little bit of humour can help to keep the interest of your potential customers while reading your email.

When sending marketing emails, remember to make use of email marketing best practices if you want to keep your list of subscribers. Keeping in touch is the key to growing your business, and there is no better way than emailing your customers regularly and directly. Make no mistake of turning them off, have an email marketing system in place.

7 Epic Marketing Uses of LinkedIn Answers


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Kipp Bodnar Wed, Dec 07, 2011 @ 03:15 PM originally posted atHubSpot Blog

With more than 120 million business professionals registered, LinkedIn is an online marketing must for B2B marketers. While personal and business profiles get most of the attention on LinkedIn, the social network has several other valuable features that can shine for inbound marketers. One of the biggest opportunities for inbound marketers is LinkedIn’s Answers platform.

LinkedIn Answers allows members to ask and answer business-related questions. Sure, marketers can use the tool to answer questions and promote their business’ industry expertise, but the potential awesomeness of Answers goes far behind that obvious use case. With all of this awesome, public data, it’s about time marketers learned how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

7 Unexpected Yet Epic Ways to Use LinkedIn Answers

1. Use Questions to Generate Blog Post Content Ideas: Consisting of countless questions and answers across different topics, LinkedIn Answers is a treasure trove of content ideas. A big part of successful business blogging is starting with a strong idea that resonates with your target audience. LinkedIn Answers gives you just that. Look at the questions posed for your industry, and check out those questions’ answer counts to determine which topics are sparking the hottest conversations. Then use those topics as fodder for your business blog.

2. Develop Clear Marketing Personas Based on Prospect Questions: Marketing will fail without a proper understanding of your target audience. As a marketer, it is critical to have a clear persona (or personas) for your target customers. You need to be able to answer questions such as: “What are my customers’ key business challenges?” This, along with many other questions, can help you develop a clear marketing persona that guides all your marketing strategies and tactics. Use the advanced search feature in LinkedIn Answers to find questions and answers directly from your target customers. Stop guessing now. 

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Anonymous said: How can a newbie like me in affiliate marketing start to build my own list?

The best way to start your own list is by starting your own blog. Blogging is a great way to earn the trust of your readers. Your readers won’t hesitate to give out their email addresses if they knew you can provide them something useful.

Three Affiliate Marketing Tips for Success

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online. As an affiliate marketer, you are basically acting as a commissioned sales person. However, you have the freedom to promote the products you want to promote and the flexibility to do so in your own time. However, affiliate marketing can also be challenging to do right, especially if you are brand new to the industry. Here are three affiliate marketing tips to help you do well in this industry and earn the income you have been dreaming of.

  • Know Your Target Market - If you were limited to only learning one thing about affiliate marketing, it should be that you need to know who your target audience is. There are currently seven billion people in the world and all of them unique. They have different wants, needs, and pressure points. One person may respond to a particular type of sales message while another will completely ignore it. Knowing who your target audience is will help you develop sales messaging that turns them from shoppers into buyers. Take advantage of the many resources online that can help you figure out who your target market is.
  • Be Selective - A common mistake many new people make in affiliate marketing is to attempt to sell everything under the sun. This is problematic for many reasons. First, not all programs are of good quality and you can quickly damage your reputation and earnings potential selling defective or destructive products. Second, you need to learn how to crawl before you can walk. Before you can sell five, ten, or twenty items, you need to understand everything involved in the process. It is easier to learn the process when you only have one product or program to focus on. Choose good products that you are comfortable selling and only promote as many as you can and still be effective.
  • Be Patient – Impatience has ruined the career of many affiliate and Internet marketers. Many people expect quick results, especially if they have read the stories of other people who have been successful with affiliate marketing. The tendency is to think these people achieve their level of success overnight, but the exact opposite is true. It takes time to build a profitable business that is sustainable. Be patient and take the journey one step at a time. Eventually you will reach your destination if you are persistent and believe in yourself.

What’s your affiliate marketing strategy? Add it on the comment section below.

How Freebies Can Help Build Your List and Increase Web Traffic

Why you should offer freebies?

In terms of reaching to customers, giving away free products is often the most powerful strategy and not to mention a much cheaper way to market your product. Why is that so? Well, who doesn’t like freebies? You get a product without costing you anything.

Once people have your free sample, it’s up to them to buy the product or not. Sometimes they come to a decision to buy the product not based on factors such as taste, quality or the price, but because they’ve gotten a freebie, consciously or not, somehow they feel obligated to pay you back. From here they could become your loyal customers further down the line.

Because freebies can really attract people, online business owners use this strategy to increase traffic to their website and generate quality leads. They used it to entice people to buy their product or sign-up to their newsletter.

Another good reason to use freebies is that they increase the over-all value of your main offer and in turn people feel that they are getting more for less.

How freebies can help build your list?

When people visit your website, not all of them are ready to make a purchase. In many cases, people tend to compare prices or they don’t need your product at that moment. So even if they only want the information contained on your website, an equally important purpose that your website can serve is to generate leads.

Offering an e-book or newsletter is a common freebie that you can include on your website. Your visitors can opt-in to receive your offer by providing their name and e-mail address. Each new subscriber becomes your new lead. By offering such freebies, you are giving your visitors an additional incentive if they take action. It’s a great way to convert visitors into future sales.

When offering freebies, it’s not that hard to ask people for their name and e-mail. When they see something of value to them, they will be more inclined to give their contact information.

To get more people signing-up to your mailing list, make your sign-up form visible on your website. It should be easy and quick to fill in.

How freebies can help increase your web traffic?

Using keyword research techniques, try including the word “free” in your searched term and you will be amazed of how many times that word is searched online. That is because a lot of people look for free items on the web. As a website owner, you want to take advantage of this trend.

Offering a freebie can really build a buzz about your website. To entice people to visit your site, you can offer any freebie to attract visitors. If you offer something that is perceived as valuable to potential customers, you can make them want for more. Eventually they will find themselves as a regular visitor and most likely share your site with others.

To generate website traffic, consider giving free CDs or DVDs that contain a preview or a teaser of your upcoming product that will make them visit your site more often. Or you can offer free consultations in which they can ask a question and you answer them personally. Most people would consider this as fantastic value because consulting fees can be pricey.

Also you can set up free online seminars or classes. These types of freebies can attract more attention as live information is always enticing to people. People will not only be curious about the information you are about to give but also they will be inquisitive to know what other things they can learn from you.

What kind of freebies you should offer to your customers?

Offering freebies as one of your marketing strategies can bring you success, however there is also a downside with regards to the use of this strategy. The possibility of attracting people who solely want the freebie, and they are not really interested in purchasing your product or anything in the future. So to avoid this happening, offer only freebies that are enticing to those directly looking for the products and services you offer.

If you want to build email list of potential customers, you should offer freebies that target people who may need your product. You may need to do some keyword research to do this. If you want to give a free e-book, you can research related terms that you want to cover in that e-book.

Some popular types of freebies:
-Coupon or Gift Certificate
-Ebook or Newsletters
-Email Course
-Membership sites
-Downloadable Software

Sometimes freebies do not work for some. It might be that the people you are trying to target simply aren’t interested or they prefer it in a different format. So try to find out what the “hot buys” on the web are right now and try to find a way to offer them. Also try to get some indication to what kind of information your target customers are really hungry for, and then create a freebie that answers the most common questions they may have about that topic.

So take advantage of this marketing strategy now. Offering freebies can also offer valuable market information. If there is a significant response to your offer, then it suggests that you have the “in thing” among your qualified buyers. Using this information can be beneficial for future business upgrades.